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What is a Watch Wallet?

A Watch Wallet is a read-only view of a wallet. This allows a user to monitor the balances and transactions of a specific blockchain address without having the ability to spend or move the funds associated with that address.

A Bitcoin Watch Wallet An Ethereum Watch Wallet

Key Aspects of a Watch Wallet​

  • Read-Only Access: A watch wallet does not require a private key associated with the address. Since it lacks the Private Key, a watch wallet cannot initiate or sign transactions. It’s purely for viewing purposes.

  • Monitoring Balances and Transactions: See real-time updates of the balances and transactions for the specified address. A transaction history of all incoming and outgoing transactions associated with the address will also be visible.

  • Security: A watch wallet is inherently more secure from the risk of funds being stolen because the Private Key is not exposed.

Import a Wallet Screen Enter the Watch Address


Follow this Gem Wallet guide on how to Import a Watch Wallet.

Watch Wallet Use Cases​

  • Portfolio Tracking: Users who want to monitor their investment portfolio across multiple addresses can use a watch wallet to keep track of their holdings.

  • Security-Concious Users: Users who store their funds in cold storage (offline wallets or hard wallets) can monitor their addresses without having to connect their private keys to an online device.

  • Public Addresses: Organizations that accept donations in cryptocurrency can use a watch wallet to monitor incoming donations to their public addresses.