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What is a Naming Service?

A naming service allows anyone to register, manage, and resolve human-readable names that are mapped to blockchain addresses, smart contracts, or other types of data. This service simplifies interactions within the blockchain ecosystem by replacing complex and lengthy alphanumeric addresses with easy-to-remember names.

Send BASE ETH to a Base Name Base Name Resolves Automatically

Key Aspects of a Naming Service​

  • Human-Readable Addresses: Naming services enable users to convert long and complex blockchain addresses into simple, easy to remember names. For example, instead of sending cryptocurrency to "0x1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef12345678," a user can just send it to "alice.eth."

  • Decentralized Infrastructure: Naming services that are built on decentralized infrastructures, ensure that the management and resolution of names are handled in a decentralized manner, often using smart contracts on blockchain networks.

  • Multi-Blockchain Compatibility: Some naming services are designed to work across multiple blockchain networks, allowing users to map names to addresses on different blockchains. This enhances interoperability and simplifies the user experience when dealing with multiple cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms.

Base Name Service Site Base Name Successfully Registered

Name Providers​

Gem wallet has integrated the following Naming Service Providers:

ProviderDomain Name
Ethereum Name Service.eth
Base Name Service.base
Unstoppable Domains.crypto
Solana Name Service.sol
TON Domains.ton
Aptos Names.apt
Interchain Nameservice.atom, .osmo
Space ID.bnb, .arb, .inj
Sui Name Service.sui

Learn how to register your address with a Name Service.

Naming Service Use Cases​

  • Simplified Transactionsg: Naming Services can convert complex and lengthy cryptocurrency addresses into simple, memorable names which reduces the likelihood of errors when entering addresses, enhances the user experience, and makes cryptocurrency transactions more accessible to non-technical users.

  • Decentralized Websites: Hosting of a website with a Name Service turns them into a decentralized website that are resistant to censorship, have increased security, and provide ownership and control over the content to the website owner without reliance on traditional domain registrars.

  • Digital Identity: The owner of the name can create a unified digital identity that links to various blockchain addresses and services. This simplifies identity management, enhances privacy and security by reducing the need to share multiple addresses or identifiers.

Configure Base Name for SOL Save SOL address on Base Name


Naming Services has their own unique set of special features. In the example above, Base Name Service allows you to set a different blockchain address that resolves to the .base address registered.