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Import a Watch Wallet

How to Import a Watch Wallet​


A Watch Wallet will only allow you to view balances, you cannot do any transactions with it. Monitor funds that are on a cold storage wallet, like a Ledger or a Trezor.

Step 1 - Launch Gem Wallet​

Launch Gem Wallet app and tap on Import an Existing Wallet.
Choose the specific blockchain you are trying to restore.
For this example, we will be importing an Ethereum Wallet.

Initial Gem Wallet Screen Import a Wallet Screen

Step 2 - Type/Paste Address​

Instead of typing the Phrase, tap on Address.
Next, type or paste an Address for the Watch Wallet.

Tap on Address Enter the Watch Address

Step 3 - Watch Wallet is Ready​

A Watch Wallet has been successfully created.

Watch Wallet is Ready


The Send or Swap button is disabled on a Watch Wallet.