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Memo or Destination Tag?

Memo and Destination Tags are used in cryptocurrency transactions to provide additional information necessary for processing the transaction. They are commonly used in platforms that support multiple users under a single address, such as exchanges and centralized wallets.

This additional piece of information are used in certain cryptocurrencies like XRP, ATOM or TON, to specify transaction details beyond the basic transfer of funds. It is often used to identify the recipient or the purpose of the transaction.

Do I Need a Memo when Sending from Gem Wallet?​

This will depend on the receiver. If it is a centralized exchange or wallet, a Memo or Destination Tag will be required. You need to double check this information before you hit Send.

Memo for Sending TIA Memo for Sending TON


Failure to indicate a Memo or Destination Tag when sending to a centralized exchange or wallet might result to loss of funds.

No Memo Needed for Receiving Crypto to Gem Wallet​

Gem Wallet is a decentralized wallets, and thus you will have a unique address for receiving cryptocurrencies. You do not need to specify a Memo or a Destination Tag.

As shown on the examples below, Gem Wallet will provide you a receiving address only.

Receive ATOM on Gem Wallet Receive XRP with Gem Wallet


With or without a Memo, you will receive crypto to your Gem Wallet address.