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Understanding Transaction Status

Familiarize yourself with the different transaction status that shows on the Gem Wallet app.

❌ Failed Transaction​

Failed transactions happen when a transaction does not successfully complete its intended process on the blockchain. This can occur for several reasons:

  • Insufficient Fees or Balance
  • Rejected transaction
  • Smart Contract Failure

Failed Solana Transaction Insufficient Solana Balance


The transaction Failed because there was not enough Solana balance when the transaction was submitted to the network. This could happen if a transaction was sent out several times before it was confirmed.

âŗ Pending Transaction​

Pending transaction refers to a transaction that has been submitted to the blockchain network but has not yet been confirmed. Some possible reasons are:

  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Network Congestion
  • Invalid Transaction Details

Pending Swap Transaction Transaction Does not Exist

🔁 Reverted Transaction​

Reverted transaction refers to a transaction that has been canceled or rolled back due to a failure in the execution of the transaction. Some possible reasons are:

  • Insufficient Gas Fees or Out of Gas Exception
  • Contract Logic Failures
  • Invalid Opcode

✅ Successful Transaction​

A successful transaction means that the transaction submitted on the network has been fully confirmed. It involves several steps that could differ for every blockchain such as:

  • Transaction was submitted to the network.
  • Transaction enteres the mempool which is a holding area for transactions.
  • A miner or validator selects the transaction from the mempool and includes it on the next block.
  • The block containing the transaction has been processed.
  • The block is added to the blockchain and gets confirmation from several nodes.

Successful Swap Transaction Transaction Confirmed