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Securing your Recovery Phrase

Always keep it a Secret

Why do I Need to Secure It?​

  • Access to Funds: Being able to access your wallet and do transactions with it at anytime. Your keys, your wallet.
  • Protection Against Loss: Without the Recovery Phrase, there's no way to recover your wallet or the assets stored within it.
  • Prevention of Unauthorized Access: Prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining control of your wallet, mitigating the risk of theft or unauthorized transactions.

Wallet Backup Menu Secret Recovery Phrase Screen

How to Secure my Recovery Phrase?​

For some peace of mind
  • Physical Security: Write down your Recovery Phrase on paper or engrave it on a piece of metal. Store it in a secure location, such as a safe or a locked box.
  • Redundancy: Create multiple copies of your recovery phrase and store them in separate secure locations.
  • Digital Protection: For digital backups, use strong encryption methods and utilize a password manager with robust security features. Avoid storing it on devices connected to the internet.

Can The Gem Wallet Team Access My Wallet?​


No one else have access to your wallet, not even the Gem Wallet team. Your Secret Recovery Phrase is encrypted locally and this information is saved privately on your device.

Always backup your wallet after you create it.

If someone tells you that they can help you recover your Secret Recovery Phrase, they are most likely scammers.