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Toncoin (TON)

What is The Open Network?​

Here are 5 key points about The Open Network (TON):

  • Toncoin is TON's native cryptocurrency. It is used for network operations, transactions, games or collectibles built on TON.

  • The Open Network boasts high throughput, capable of handling thousands of transactions per second. It prioritizes security and reliability, utilizing a Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus mechanism to ensure the integrity of its blockchain.

  • TON implements various scalability solutions to enhance its network's scalability and performance. These solutions may include sharding, off-chain processing, and other optimization techniques aimed at improving transaction throughput and reducing latency.

  • TON supports the execution of smart contracts, enabling the creation and deployment of decentralized applications (dApps) on its blockchain.

  • Through cross-chain bridges and interoperability protocols, TON users can transfer assets and interact with decentralized applications across multiple blockchain networks, facilitating seamless asset exchange and cross-chain functionality.


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Toncoin on Gem Wallet​

Gem Wallet has the following features enabled for Toncoin:

  • Buy Toncoin (TON) with fiat using debit/credit cards.
  • Store Toncoin (TON) and Jettons securely.
  • Send and Receive TON and Jettons natively.

Toncoin on Gem Wallet Toncoin Chart on Gem Wallet

What are Jettons on The Open Network?​

  • Jettons are tokens on TON Blockchain which can be considered similar to ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum.
  • Jettons are implemented using a set of smart contracts, Jetton master smart contracts and Jetton wallet smart contracts.
  • When sending Jettons, a certain amount of TON is required for gas fees. The sender needs to have enough TON required to deploy a Jetton wallet to the receiver.

USDT-Jetton on Gem Wallet Jetton List on Gem Wallet


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How to Get Toncoin?​

Here are some ways to acquire some Toncoin (TON):

  • Buy Toncoin (TON) directly on the Gem Wallet app.
  • Receive TON with the unique Toncoin address on the Gem Wallet app.

Buy TON on Gem Wallet Receive TON on Gem Wallet

Transaction Fees on The Open Network​

The fees on TON are summarized as follows:

  • Transaction fees on The Open Network are denominated in Toncoin (TON).
  • These fees can vary depending on factors such as transaction size, network congestion, and computational resources required for processing.
  • When sending Jettons, the sender should have enough TON which will be required to deploy a Jetton wallet on the receiver.

Send TON Fees on Gem Wallet Transfer TON on Gem Wallet

How to Check Toncoin (TON) Balance?​

Gem Wallet app connects to The Open Network to show the TON balance on your wallet. Tap on the 3 dots at the upper right corner, then tap on View address on Tonviewer.

View Tonviewer Link on Gem Wallet View TON Balance on Tonviwer


Tonviewer is the default TON explorer of Gem Wallet. You can manually check balances and transactions by going to Tonviewer and search for your TON address.