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WalletConnect Guide

How to Use WalletConnect on Gem Wallet​

Learn how to connect Gem Wallet (iOS) to DeFi sites using WalletConnect in just 3 easy steps.


For this guide, we will connect to Uniswap.

Step 1 - Access DeFi Site​

Open the site on your mobile browser. Then tap on Connect or Connect Wallet. Next, tap on Wallet Connect.

Uniswap Website Connect Wallet

Step 2 - Choose Gem Wallet​

On the Connect your wallet screen, tap on Gem Wallet (if available) or search for it.

Connect a Wallet Screen Choose Gem Wallet

Step 3 - Connect Gem Wallet​

After choosing Gem Wallet, you will get a prompt to launch the app. Then, tap on Confirm to complete the connection. Go back to the mobile browser and you should be able to see your assets.

Confirm Connection Gem Wallet is Connected via WalletConnect

(Optional) Gem Wallet Not Available​

If Gem Wallet is not listed on the available wallets, follow these steps:

  • Tap on WalletConnect, then click on the QR code icon located to the right of Connect your Wallet. Tap on the Copy icon on the upper right.

Connect a Wallet Screen Copy WalletConnect QR Code

  • Access Settings screen of Gem Wallet then tap on WalletConnect. Paste the QR code link to establish the connection. Tap on Confirm to complete the connection process.

Gem Wallet Settings Paste WalletConnect Link