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Restore Gem Wallet

How to Restore a Multi-Coin Wallet​

Reinstalled Gem Wallet? Here are 3 easy steps to restore your multi-coin wallet.


You can only restore a wallet if you have a backup.

Step 1 - Launch Gem Wallet​

Launch Gem Wallet app and tap on Import an Existing Wallet.
Choose Multi-Coin Wallet.

Initial Gem Wallet Screen Import a Wallet Screen

Step 2 - Type/Paste Recovery Phrase​

Manually type in or paste your wallet Recovery Phrase.

Enter the Recovery Phrase Recovery Phrase Imported

Step 3 - Gem Wallet is Restored​

Congratulations, your funds are back!

Gem Wallet is Restored


If you have a Recovery Phrase from Trust Wallet, Atomic wallet, or any other Multi-Coin wallets, you can certainly try importing it to Gem Wallet.

Import Multi-Coin Wallet Video Guide​