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Name Registration Guide

How to Register Gem Wallet with a Name Service​

Learn how to connect and register a Gem Wallet address to a Name Service in just 3 easy steps.


In this guide, we will register a wallet address to Base Name Service.

Step 1 - Connect Wallet to Name Service Site​

Using WalletConnect, connect to the Base Name Service website. Tap on Connect and choose Gem Wallet.

Base Name Service Site Connect with Gem Wallet

Confirm the connection. Your address is now connected to the site.

Confirm Connection Verify Address is Connected


See WalletConnect Guide for reference.

Step 2 - Search for a Name​

Search for a name that you want to use. If it is available, you will see a Claim button. Tap on it to proceed. You will see how much BASE ETH you will need to register the name.

Search Base Name Base ETH Fee to Register


With Base Name Service, you will get a personalized .base name of your choosing.

Step 3 - Purchase the Name​

Approve the Purchase and wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

Approve Purchase Base Name Successfully Registered

Congratulations, you have successfully registered a .base name. You can immediately use the registered Base Name when sending BASE ETH.

Send BASE ETH to a Base Name Base Name Resolves Automatically


You can configure the Base Name to resolve to other blockchain addresses.